Unfortunately, I'm unable to take on any new 1-2-1 training clients at the moment.

Behaviour problems

Group training classes are not appropriate for dealing with behaviour problems including:

- Aggression towards other dogs
- Aggression towards people (strangers or family members)
- Fear or nervousness of other dogs
- Fear or nervousness of people (strangers or family members)
- Separation problems (barking, howling, toileting, destruction, etc. when left alone at home)
- Noise phobias (thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.)

These problems all relate to the dog's emotional state and no amount of teaching your dog to sit, lie down or come back when called will solve them.

For such problems, a behaviour consultation is necessary.

This involves a visit to your home to assess your dog and the problem, to devise an appropriate behaviour modification programme and to teach you any new skills that may be required. The consultation process normally takes 2-2½ hours.

After my visit, you will receive a written report detailing the programme for modifying your dog’s problem behaviour. Follow-up support is arranged (by email, phone or in person as necessary) to ensure that the programme is going to plan and/or to make any necessary changes.

Behaviour modification is seldom quick and requires a considerable amount of dedication from the owner. You must be prepared to put the time and effort into the programme in order to help improve your dog's emotional state and behaviour.

Consultations are normally available on Saturday afternoons although other days may be available on some occasions. The fee for the behaviour consultation is required in advance (by PayPal).

To discuss whether a behaviour consultation is appropriate for you and your dog, please contact me.